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Made and Unmade

We live in a world full of things that are made, that have a beginning and an end. Some of these things are made by the hand of God, some are made by human hands. There is also a thing that is unmade, without beginning or end. That thing is the first Maker-of-Things. That thing, that entity is God. One entity without beginning or end. A world of things that are made and had a beginning, many of which will end some day .... And we mix it all up. The made and the unmade. We treat the Unmade as if it once was, but isn't now, and we treat the Made Things as if they are eternal. God is the eternal thing, but we forget he exists, and his creation --we creatures-- we are like a blink of an eye, but we think we have the wisdom and power of eternity naturally within us. This is similar to our habit of giving God the credit for evil ("Why would God do this to me?") and giving the created world the credit for goodness, beauty, and power. Idol worship today has this distinguishing quality, for we don't worship wooden statues, but we regularly ascribe value to things which don't deserve it.


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