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Last year, our poetry cabal staged a reading at the Red Rock in Mountain View, backed by (=improved by) the deeply satisfying sounds of Organamatronic, a couple who create music live in front of audiences with percussion and wires.

They post a lot of stuff for free on their site, but it took them a while to push the cabal performance up, so I only found the link.

I read several of my pieces during the performance and it was like candy to be able to be a part of a live, improvised music performance. Here's me reading a couple, followed by Kelsey Toy (warning, links directly to large mp3 file):


And the rest are at: under May 28, 2010

On their site, they write about the performance, "The fun was in having the poets come up on stage and say things to us off-mike like 'I want you to try to make the audience's stomachs feel off.'" That was me, and I agree. What could be more fun than having that kind of on-the-fly creative freedom to let your weirdness loose in a room. Credit Michael and Delaney for being pro enough to never bat an eye.



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